Policy and advocacy
focused on
expanding opportunities
and improving people’s lives.

Policy and advocacy
focused on
expanding opportunities
and improving people’s lives.

For Puerto Rico, the last few years seem almost of biblical proportions: hurricanes and earthquakes have compounded the immense strains caused by the fiscal crisis; the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed with harshness the scarcity – or rather, misallocation – of resources, the fragility of institutions and the precariousness of the island’s long-term reliance on U.S. based institutions and solutions.

Yet, 2019 was different: it brought the seeds of hope and the winds of change and the dreams of better things to come. People of all backgrounds and ideologies took to the streets to demand enhanced accountability and better governance from public civic servants. Austerity might have taken a toll on the island’s infrastructure and on people’s finances, but “the Puerto Rican Summer of 2019” showed us that it has not extinguished the spirit to build a more inclusive society, a more prosperous economic foundation and a more responsive public apparatus.

That same spark guided our work throughout 2019. It was a year in which we displayed both enormous determination and extraordinary flexibility, addressing Puerto Rico’s most immediate policy challenges while keeping a focus on the development of a long-term solid foundation for our society. If 2019 taught us one lesson, it was that external and internal resources must be harnessed to rebuild our social and economic fabric, but that salvation will only come from our own toil.

If you believe in fostering a locally-led reconstruction process; in boosting home-grown knowledge; in encouraging resourcefulness and collaboration; and in nurturing nonpartisan governance and accountability, then you are one with us at CNE. We would like to invite you to join us not only in looking back to 2019 with pride, but in looking forward with hope towards the future.

Miguel A. Soto-Class
President and Founder

For 21 Years, the Center for a New Economy’s team of local experts has been passionate about finding solutions to Puerto Rico’s most pressing problems.

By analyzing hard data, producing robust empirical research and providing public policy solutions, CNE improves lives, and helps create a more prosperous and fair Puerto Rico.

CNE is Puerto Rico’s Think Tank with offices in San Juan, and Washington, D.C.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, CNE is supported by individuals, private institutions and philanthropic organizations that value our top quality, independent, nonpartisan work to make people’s lives better.

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Devising actionable policy solutions to strengthen Puerto Rico’s public health infrastructure, improve community health outcomes, and address emergency health responses.

CNE’s team of experts provided trusted guidance and credible information on the local, national, and global state of play during the critical and very confusing first ten weeks of the government’s shelter-in-place order due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Weekly Review offers in-depth analyses from CNE’s team of experts, in a highly readable and accessible format.

This series of video interviews features deep-dive discussions between members of the CNE team and experts from diverse fields about policy and current affairs

In our CNExplains video series, we address key questions about public policy issues that affect Puerto Rico and the broader Puerto Rican community.

Jennifer Wolff, Ph.D. joined our faculty as Director of the CNE Policy Bureau based in Madrid, Spain. This new expansion will broaden our resources and enhance our global reach.

We thank our generous donors whose financial support makes our work possible. Join these leaders in our commitment to Puerto Rico. Together we will continue working for a better future for our island.

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Miguel A. Soto-Class
President and Founder

Nuria Y. Ortiz-Vargas
Executive Director

Sergio M. Marxuach
Policy Director

Malu Blázquez
Executive Director
ReImagina Puerto Rico

Rosanna Torres
Director Washington, D.C. Office

Deepak Lamba-Nieves, Ph.D.
Research Director

Raúl Santiago-Bartolomei, Ph.D.
Research Associate

Enrique Figueroa
Research Assistant

Gustavo J. Bobonis
Chief Economist
Non-Resident Senior Fellow

Nydia Suárez Marín
Public Affairs Director

Carmen A. Vargas Nin
Finance and Administration

Mónica Fornaris-Pau
Operations Director

Elizabeth Berríos
Executive Assistant
to the President

Ana I. Martel
and Outreach Manager

Francis G. Torres
Communications &
Content Specialist

María Cristina Santos
Program Associate

Kimberly N. Ayala Sánchez
Administrative Assistant

Carla J. Alonso Vélez
Special Events Coordinator

César Galíndez

Thanks to your support CNE
continues to innovate and bring more
resources to Puerto Rico’s issues.

For the 6th year in a row CNE was select among the Best Independent Think Tanks & Top Think Tanks to Watch in the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report of The Think Tanks and Civil Society Program (TTCSP) of The University of Pennsylvania.

The TTCSP conducts research on the role policy institutes play in governments
and in civil societies around the world.